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Respiration Tubings & Anaesthesia Systems

We are specialized on the manufacture of high-quality respiration tubes and components for ventilation systems. All components are available separately.


Respiration Tubings

Made of silicone, reusable

  • Available in different lenghts for adults and pediatrics

Catheter Mount tubings

We offer a large assortment of Catheter Mount tubings with different connectors. For single use or reusable.

Rebreathing Bags

Transparent, made of silicone, reusable

  • Standard
  • With open tube connection and cap
  • With 5 mm hole

Water Traps

With 55 ml canister, reusable

Anaesthesia Systems for peadiatrics



We offer a wide range of connectors for respiration systems. You can find further information about these products here.

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